The Sweet Stewarts

The day could not have been more perfect, not too hot, nice breeze, beautiful light.  My cup was definitely overflowing while photographing this family session.

Colton.  The baby of the family.  He is energetic, fun loving, and truely believes that one day he will have super powers like Spiderman.  One day, he will save the world.

Keagan.  The middle child.  She is the smart, spunky red-head.  She is a social butterfly with a heart of gold, and loves to help others.

Ainsley.  The big sister.  She is not your typical little girl.  She is an old soul.  A fighter.  She has been through more in her time here then most adults, and has kept that beautiful smile on her face.

I have been saving this blog post for just the right day, exactly the right time.  I almost posted it last week, a bright sunny beach session, on a cold winter day.  But then I decided to wait.  To wait till this week.  It is a very important week for the Stewart family.  A momentous week.  A week tht has been 70 weeks in the making.  Ainsley’s last chemo treatment.  They have been, and will remain in my prayers.  Their positivity, kindness, and sence of family is truely amazing.

Make-up done by the amazing Cara Quinn from Skin Glow Aesthetic Boutique