The Sandrin Family

     David Sandrin is one luckey man.  He spends his days surrounded by beauty.  He and his wife Stacey hace been blessed with three absolutely wonderful little girls.  All different, and all equally delightful.

     Mya is the oldest, the most sensitive, but she is definitely not a girly-girl.  She would rather rock a pair of jeans and t-shirt over a skirt any day.  Then came Ava.  She is the performer of the family.  Loves to dance, loves drama.  Always full of energy.  And last came Sophia.  She is an old soul.  She is very determined and knows just what she wants, but she is happy, and helpful.  Her favourite place to help is in the kitchen.

     These girls were like seasoned professionals on the day of their session.  They carefully listened as I gave insturctions on where to sit and stand, and still added their own personality to each and every photograph.  They had to help control their hair in the near-hurricane-feeling winds!!  And they did everything with a smile.  Thank you for making my job so easy and enjoyable!!  I truely enjoyed meeting all of you!!

     P.S.  I would also like to extend a thank you to Alice and Eugene (the beautiful family cats) for allowing us to catch you and take your picture with your family.  I know that it made them happy!!