The Plummer Family

     One beautiful day, in June, I met up with the Plummer Family in Canatara for a photo session.  We crossed our fingers when we saw the extended weather forecast, and hoped for the best that day.  For anyone who has ever tried to organize a big family photo session, you can understand how hard it is to find a date and time that works into every one’s hectic schedule.  But we lucked out, and ended up with nearly perfect weather for our day together.

     This beautiful family all started out years ago with Linda and Larry Plummer.  They married, and had three beautiful daughters.  Kristen, Amy, and Karen.  The years passed by, as the always do, and the three girls grew into women, and started families of their own.  Now Linda and Larry are the proud grandparents of 5 granddaughters and 3 grandsons. 

     Thank you so much to the whole family for making our time together so much fun!  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you!