The messy morning….

     I dont have too many saturday mornings at home.  When I am not shooting a wedding, I usually have an early morning session scheduled.  So when I woke up this morning with Keegan, and the rest of the kids were still asleep, I decided it would be a great morning for some fun.  I made some reverse decadent cookies, an assortment of toast, and of course a cappucccino.  We ate, talked, and then it was time to get down and dirty, literally.  We broke out some plastic sheets, some little canvases, and some acrylic paint.  It was a blast.  By the end of the painting session, everyone was covered in paint and ready for the bath.  When I came back downstairs from bathing the kids, I realized (much to my chagrin) that I had neglected to block off the dog from the painting area.  So in the end, the whole, entire family got to join in the fun!!  And, I got to break out the steam mop, which is one of my most reliable friends.