The Edwards Family

     Photo sessions are more then just taking pictures.  They are meeting new people.  Hearing their stories.  Learning about their family.  If you talk to another person, you will usually find something that you have in common.  After just a few minutes of talking to Jill and Joel Edwards, I found something that we shared, traveling.  Unfortunately not globetrotting – traveling for work.  Both Joel and my husband, Nigel, travel for work.  Whenever I meet another mother who has a husband who works out of town, there is a look, a nod, an instant understanding.  The nightly phone calls.  The “how many more sleeps till dad comes home?”  The children peeking out of the windows, patiently waiting for dad to pull in the driveway. Okay, sometimes, not so patiently waiting.  Sometimes just before dad gets home the anticipation builds so much that the house turns into a mad house!  The unbridled joy on everyones face (including Mom’s), when he finally turns the door knob on the front and crosses that threshold.

     So, when Joel is home on the weekends, they spend some much needed time together.  Saturday mornings, it is up bright and early to get big brother Kaiden (3) to the hockey rink.  Quinn (1), has a new hobby, which is perfect to practice on arena bleachers…and that new hobby is climbing.  Saturday afternoon is spent visiting friends and family, dancing, and playing.  Kaiden is a wonderful, caring big brother, and he loves to share toys and play with his little brother.  Big family dinners usually end up with Quinn finishing his dinner, and then his big brothers!!  And every weekend ends the same, with the family back at the arena, this time to watch Daddy play hockey.

     Thank you so much Jill, Joel, Kaiden and Quinn, for spending a piece of your extremely precious family time with me.  I had such a great time with you!!