The Colameco Family

When we set up our very first shot, Noah was not too impressed.  Not mad, not difficult, just not impressed.  He was not sold on the idea of this photo shoot.  Which happens in about 50 % of family shoots with younger children.  So we talked.  Decided that we were going to make this hour that we were going to be spending together enjoyable.  I promised to let Noah and Lucy help direct the session, and they promised that they would have fun and let me choose some of the shots.  So with that, we were off or a very relaxed and fun walk around downtown.  Noah was all smiles and full of great ideas.  He may end up being a photographer one day!!  Lucy was the sweetest little girl.  When ever she wasn’t looking at the camera, she was looking at her big brother.  He is clearly her hero.  You could see it in her eyes!

Kaite and Steve, you two are such kind and caring parents, and the love that exists in your family is palpable.  You have two kind, beautiful children, and it is very easy to see where they get it from!!  Thank you for a wonderful session, and for your kind emails afterwards.  They touched my heart, and inspired me.