The Belan Children

     A lesson that I am always trying to teach my children is that beauty is only skin deep.  Being beautiful is a wonderful thing.  It can even be helpful.  But it is not everything.  There is something so much more to us then just our beauty.  There is this spark.  Of intelligence, of kindness, of grace.  It is this spark that is our humanity.  It is what sets us apart from other animals, who judge only on sight, and smell. 

     The Belan children have been blessed with the best of both worlds.  When you first see them, you are taken back by their beauty.  They have these angelic faces.  Sweet smiles.  Soft voices.  And after spending some time with them, you can see that they are so much more.  Adventurous, funny, smart, and wild.  I have had the pleasure of knowing their mother since grade school, and they have definitely inherrited her kind heart.  Thank you so much for spending a wonderful day at the beach with me.  It was every bit as fun as I thought it would be!!