My Handsome Hummer – A Happy Update

When we lost our beloved cat of 16 years earlier this spring, it was devastating.  To us and to the kids.  Compounding our grief was our unsureness of what to do after he was put down.  We didn’t want to bury him in our backyard, because we don’t intend on living in this house for too much longer, and I would hate to leave him behind.  We also didn’t like the idea of just cremating him and putting him in a box in a cupboard.  We wanted him to always be as beautiful as he was in his life.  So we decided to have his ashes incorporated into a painting.  Something we can look at all the time, enjoy, and bring with us wherever we move in life.  I chose a local artist, Jessica Sutherland, whose work I adore, to make something that we could cherish.  I had total confidence in her ability to produce something that we would love.  I gave her total creative control, and was blown away with the end result.  She made the process so easy, and never made me feel uncomfortable when I had to cry.  Because it happened, each time I saw her.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.