Mothers Day Special – Being in the picture and the moment with your children.

Like most of us mothers, she has a million pictures of her children.  Playing, sleeping, eating.  She has it all covered, beautifully documented.  But there is always one element that is lacking.  She is with them, all day, every day.  She is the inspiration to their play the cooker of their meals, the wiper of their noses, the sweet voice that reassures them, the firm voice that guides them.  She is the voice of reason that keeps their feet on the ground, and the uplifting voice that allows their creativity to soar.  Right now, at this very point, she is their entire world.  But years from now, when the memories of their early childhood have grown fuzzy, and they rely on photographs to help remember, she will be missing.

Sometimes, I am sure that it feels like we are booking photography sessions for ourselves.  So we can revel in the beauty of our children.  So we can see their smiling, sweet faces, and hold on to these fleeting moments that pass us by at the speed of light.  But the truth is that we are not taking these photographs for us.  We are taking them for our children.  So that they can look back, and see themselves how we see them.  How beautiful is it to be able to look back on a photograph, tightly wrapped up in your mothers arms.  You can instantly remember just how she smelled, just how her hair felt wrapped around her fingers, how there was that one spot in the crook of her neck where your head seemed to fit just perfectly.

From now until Mothers day, I will be running a special.  These sessions are for mothers and their children.  Whether you are looking to book this for yourself, or are looking for a gift for your own mother or partner, please email me for pricing.  The sessions can occur before Mother’s Day, or a gift certificate for this special can be purchased for use at a slightly late date (incase this is a gifted session).

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