Makeover Mondays – Skin Glow Aesthetic Boutique

     I had an idea a little while ago, to provide just a little more for my brides (and potential future brides!), to help them get ready for their big day.  So to share some of the information that I am collecting, and putting together, I have decided to post under two new catagories – Makeover Mondays, and Wedding Tip Wednesdays.  I will be speaking to local professionals, covering a wide variety of topics, and sharing my findings with you!!  I won’t be able to post these every monday and wednesday….that would be insane, a full time job on it’s own.  But when I post beauty tips they will be on Mondays, and when I post wedding planning tips it will be on Wednesdays!!  Enjoy…..


     My first blog post is going to be all about my newest fixation.  My skin.  I was blessed in my teens and early twenties to have great looking skin.  No problems, healthy looking glow.  Pregnancy and nursing totally changed my skin – and not for the best.  I began to move to the school of thought that the tanning bed fixes all.  And I guess it did fix some things.  Temporarily.  So….. maybe more like masked them.  And, there was that little nagging voice in my head each time I entered the bed that said, “sun damage, dark spots, wrinkles, skin cancer”.  But what else could I do, I wanted my skin to look healthy, and tanned looks healthy, right? 

     For the last two and a half years, I have spent my days taking pictures, editing pictures, and taking in everything that I see.  Every beautiful face, every engaging smile.  And a few months ago it hit me.  Tanned skin is not the only skin that is beautiful.  I have blond hair, green eyes, and freckles.  I sunburn easily, and truely feel that I am just not designed to have a dark, exotic complection.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t have beautiful skin.  I just need to learn more about skin care.  Specifically how to take care of my skin, not just skin in general.  My skin can be problematic.  It is super sensative.  I get rashes from any products that are too heavily perfumed.  My skin goes back and forth, between extreemly dry in the winter and normal in the summer.  Also, I am dealing with horomonal break-outs, because I am nursing Keegan still.      

     Enter – Skin Glow Aesthetic Boutique.  A small local business.  Run from home.  My kind of place!  Skin Glow Aesthetic Boutique is a modern aesthetic haven for both men and women. Skin Glow offers pharmaceutical grade advanced facials for all skin types; including chemotherapy support facials, chemical peels; for face and body, eyebrow design, makeup lessons, waxing, manicures, and pedicures! Skin Glow carries only pharmaceutical grade skincare and makeup, using the finest Medical grade ingredients.  I contacted the owner, Cara Quinn through her facebook page.  Cara is a Certified Medical Aesthetician, and a Certified Laser Clinician.  She worked for 6 years at a renowned Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic on Vancouver Island performing thousands of laser treatments, photo facials, chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, Vasculyse, and assisted with Botox and Juvaderm.  I went in for an initial meeting.  There is a separate enterance to a room in the back of her house.  She had an organic apple cinnamon tea all ready for me upon my arrival.  I filled out a little paperwork, we talked a little bit about my skin, and then I was able to lay down, while she analyzed my skin and then tried a few products on my face. I loved them, the smell, the feeling of the products, the feeling of my skin, everything.  But she told me something that I am not used to hearing.  “Don’t buy anything yet, take home these samples, and instructions, and try them for a week.  If you like them, if they are working for you, then come back and buy them.  If there is anything that you don’t like, then let me know about it, and we can try something different.”  Like….seriously?  I am so used to department store cosmetic counters, where the goal is to sell product, and I felt like the goal of Skin Glow was to help me have great skin.  Imagine that,  it is genius! 

     A week later, I returned.  There were two purposes to to my follow up visit.  One was to buy the products that had my face feeling better than it had in years.  The second was to undergo The Oxygen Facial, sometimes refered to as a “Bridal Peel”.  I was a little nervous, as I said before, my skin is very sensitive.  But to my surprise, the whole process was very comfortable for me.  There were times when my skin would become very warm, but that was the extent of it for me.  When all was said and done, my face was a little bit red, and felt like silk.  Cara said before I left, that it usually takes about an hour for the redness to go down, but because of how sensitive my skin was it may take a little longer.  The redness disappated in about 3 hours for me.  The following day, my skin felt just fabulous, and looked great.  You can call Cara at 519-336-5120 to book your complimentary consultation. 

P.S.  Included in the package you recieve upon booking a wedding, is a list of skin care tips put together by Cara, to help your face look it’s most radiant on your big day!!