Kai – My sweet son is 6

So, Kai recently turned 6, and by recently, I mean November 16th.  As his birthday approached, I started asking him what he wanted to do for his birthday pictures.  He was not excited.  Not at all.  So we decided not to do the pictures.  Every once in a while, I would ask him if he felt like doing them.  He would promptly reply, not right now.  Until one day, after school, while Macey was getting ready for ballet, he said yes.  We wasted no time.  While May was doing her thing at Steppin’ Up Dance Studio, we were braving the cold outside of Bluewater Fun Park, finally capturing his sweet face at the age of 6.

Kai is an old soul.   He says the sweetest things to me, basically every day.  Like last night.  Just as we were getting ready for bed, he said to me “Mom, if you hadn’t married Dad, I would definitely marry you.  I can still see that sparkle in your eyes.”  Where does he get this stuff!  He is happiest when he is making art, or snuggled up on the couch with his Star Wars Encyclopedia of Characters, and one of the movies on the television.  Any one.  He doesn’t care, they are all his favourite!

Every day I am thankful for my quirky, insightful, creative, explosive, dramatic, fashionable son.  You have brought so much to mine and your father’s lives.  How lucky are we to have you in our lives?!?!