Jason & Kimberly – Married

The weather that day was not supposed to work in their favour.  But Kim had faith.  She believed that everything would work out.  And, as the clouds rolled in, she smiled.  And, when the raindrops started, we pulled out umbrellas.  And, when it started to pour, we moved inside.  And, when the skys parted overhead, just in time for the outdoor ceremony, she laughed.  The thing was, nothing but Jason mattered that day.  No matter what the universe threw at us that day, it would all be okay.  Becasue whether the ceremony was out on a beautiful riverside deck, or a makeshift area in the reception hall, her and Jason were about to be husband and wife.

I can not believe how up and down the weather was that day, but it sure made for an interesting variety in the pictures!!  Kim and Jason, thank you so much for having me be a part of your special day.  You, your family, and your friends were all so wonderful.  I wish you many years filled with all of the joy that was present on your wedding day!!

Venue : Bogey’s Inn

Second Shooter : Corrin Knight-Wilson