Jason and Kimberly – Engaged

The year that Kimberly attended grad school was the very begining of something special.  She had made some great friends back home, at her summer job, and would make sure to get together with them whenever she made it home for a weekend.  One of these weekends, she met Jason.  Jason was a friend of a friend.  He was nice, laid back, funny, and so easy to talk to.  The very first time they met, they spent hours talking.  The whole night.  Kimberly definitely felt a spark.  A connection.  And at the end of the night, Jason stepped closer to her, her heart was pounding… and he gave her …a high five.

Fast forward three years.  Their relationship was smooth sailing.  They had survived the hardships of a long distance relationship, being seperated while Kimberly finished school, and then Jason moving to work out west for a while after he finished school.  But they were together now, and happy.  Jason knew that he wanted to ask her to marry him.  He had the ring for months.  Carried it in his pocket.  He could not imagine his life without her.  And, she felt a few times like the question was coming.  That it was right there.  But the timing just never felt right to Jason.

On July 2, the two of them headed out to a get together.  A party that they attend every year with a group of friends.  A day of fun, sun, and relaxing.  A little while into the party, Kimberly had to run out to the car.  Jason followed her there.  They were talking while she looked for what she needed.  She found the money that she was grabbing to pitch in for food.  So she started to walk back to the party.  “Oh babe, there is a HUGE scratch on the side of your car.’  He knew that that would grab her attention.  Her car was her baby.  She ran back around to the other side of the car, and found Jason down on one knee.  He looked into her eyes, grinned, raised an eyebrow, and said “What do you say?”.  Kimberly replied, “What are you asking?” and smiled back.  She wanted to hear the words.  The words that she had felt, right there, so many times.  The words that she had imagined him saying since shortly after they started dating.  “Will you marry me?”  Of course, the answer was yes.  It had always been yes.  He was everything that she needed.