Derek & Lyndsey – Engaged

Derek is a kind and caring father.  A little bit quiet.  A little bit serious.  A little uncomfortable with the thought of spending an hour and a half having his picture taken.  Unfortunately for me, this is not uncommon.  But I promised him at the begining of the session, that I would help him to feel comfortable, and hopefully, even help him to have fun.  And when all was said and done, we had a great evening!

Lyndsey is a genuine and sensitive (soon-to-be) step-mother.  A little bit boisterous.  A little bit giddy.  She literally did not stop smiling the whole time that we all spent together.  Well, except for a few times, when I asked her to, and it was a struggle for her!

Together, they are in love.  In love with sailing.  In love with traveling.  In love with their family.  And most importantly, in love with each other.

Lyndsey, I am so excited to be able to photograph your upcoming wedding.  You have so many creative and unique ideas!  I can’t wait to see the outcome of all of your plans!