Caitlin and James – Maternity

Do you remember your first boyfriend?  That super cute, elementary school puppy love?  Relationships consisted of big, awkward, group phone conversations, playing on the climbers, and maybe even, gulp, holding hands.  Caitlin first dated James in grade 6.  But the relationship ended abruptly when James came to school one day and told Caitlin that he dreamt that he was going to marry her.  But, the universe had bigger plans for them.  They dated again briefly at 17, and then again at 20.  But this time, things were different.  More serious.  The distance between them when James was away at school was unbearable.  After 5 years of dating they became husband and wife.  After 2 1/2 years of wedded bliss, they thought it was time for that next big step.  Parenthood.  That moment when they first saw that positive test was equally exhilarating and terrifying.  They were going to have a baby….