I am a bad little blogger.  Or, a very busy mom.  They are kind of one in the same.  Some of you may know that my husband travels for work.  A lot.  Which is not exactly my dream scenario, but in this day and age, I feel blessed that he has a job.  And, it is a job that he loves.  So I put on my big girl pants, and plug away at the day to day tasks that are involved with running your own business, and running a family of four small children.  And in all of the hustle and bustle, it seems that blogging is to one and only thing I don’t have to do in a day.  Editing can’t be brushed off, and neither can snuggles.

I have been holding this little gem of a boudoir session in my pocket for months.  Selena was a bridesmaid in her sister-in-laws wedding, a wedding I shot last summer.  When she came to me looking to shoot a boudoir session, I was over the moon happy.  She wasn’t doing this as a gift for her husband, although he was a happy man when he was shown the session, she was doing this for herself.  This was totally out of her comfort zone.  Bushing the limits of what she thought she could do.  Getting her hair and make up done started to set the stage for what would come.  Helping her feel a little pampered, a little glamerous.  When it came time to shoot, the butterflies started, but she pushed past that, and really settled into her own body.  As she moved into different positions, she began to feel more confident, more beautiful, more empowered.

Thank you so much Selena for allowing me to share this session.  I appreciate your trust in me, and I am so glad to have shared this experience with you!! Please feel free to leave us a comment below.

Hair and Makeup by Fringe Beauty Studio