Bouterse Family

I want to change this post just a little bit.  The layout, the write up, the whole feel.  Maybe it is inspiration from all of the TED Talks episodes that I have been watching, but I just felt like sharing something different.  While you sit in your house, or in a coffee shop, or at work, looking over these posts, you probably don’t picture me, sitting on my laptop, posting these images, biting my thumb nail, lingering over the publish button.  To me, all of these images are a small piece of my heart, of my imagination.  And everytime that I share these pictures with the world, I feel so unsure.  It is like standing in a room full of people naked.  Exposing every flaw, imagining people scrutinizing your technique, vision, art.  I am not an overly confident person, but I am very proud of my work, proud of the hard work that I put in, proud of the effort.  I am also never fully satisfied with what I produce, I find things in every session that I need to improve upon, think of new things that I need to teach myself about.  Whether it be technical, business related, or inspirational.  In a market that is totally saturated with photographers, I have decided to never compete, only to admire, and push harder.

To the photographers that I follow, thank you.  Thank you for setting the bar so high.  Thank you for showing me what hard work, knowledge, and passion can produce.

Jen, thank you for allowing me, again, to photograph your beautiful, viabrant family.  I know that you still wanted to be surprised when you got your cd, so I said I would only post a few photographs.  I took this a little bit further, and decided (in the spirit of doing something different)  to only post a selection of your Black & White Edits.  I hope that you enjoy them!

Please feel free to share your thoughts, or feelings below!