Amy and Pete – Expecting

     They were working opposite shifts.  Pete was working afternoons, and Amy was working midnights.  For a few days, she had been feelong just a bit off.  Not totally normal.  They joked with each other that she must be pregnant.  That night, while Pete was tucked away in bed, Amy started doing the math.  She was a little bit late.  But it was probably nothing.  They were coming really close to their wedding date.  She had just had her final dress fitting.  It must be the stress.  It had to be.  But just incase, she was going to pick up a test on her way home. 

     When she got home she jumped into the shower.  She touched her stomach, wondering if it was possible, a smile growing on her face.  She turned the water off, climbed out, and reached for the test on the counter.  It was positive.  She immediately ran into the bedroom, and jumped on the bed.  “Pete, wake up, you are going to be a Daddy!”  Pete rubbed his eyes, trying to wake up enough to absorb what she was so giddily trying to tell him.  Then she snuggled in really close, and whispered into his ear, “We are having a baby, Pete, you are going to be a Daddy.”  He closed his arms around her.  In that instant, they had fallen even deeper in love.

     Thank you so much Amy and Pete, for braving the frigid temperature and the crazy wind so that I could bring these ideas to fruition!!  I look forward to meeting your little bundle of joy!!