Amber and Matt – Engaged

Matt spent hours planning out the perfect proposal.  He planned every detail out, it all had to be done just so.  Amber had a birthday coming up.  It was a big one.  The big 3-0.  A few days before her birthday, Matt took her out to dinner to celebrate.  Just the two of them, at Michaels on the Thames.  It was where they had gone for their first date.  During their dinner, Matt handed Amber her birthday present.  It was two tickets to Keith Urban.  After they had finished eating, the host came by their table, and asked them if they were celebrating a special occasion.  Matt told him that they were celebrating Amber’s upcoming birthday.  With that, the host left, and returned with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries, and written on the plate were the words “Congratulations from Michaels”.  In the middle of the plate was a huge dollop of whipped cream.  Matt looked at Amber, his eyes shining, and said “Wouldn’t it be nuts if there was something in that whipped cream?”  Amber immediately felt nervous, and giddy – he wouldn’t really put a ring into their food, would he?  And at the same moment, Matt took a spoon and hit the whipped cream, splat.  No ring.  Matt started to giggle.  Amber did not.

After dinner, they were walking to their car, when Matt suggested a walk in the park nearby.  Amber was in a little bit of a grump, still pouting from Matt’s practical joke in the restaurant.  But she said yes anyway.  Matt asked her if she would mind grabbing his coat out of the trunk.  Little did she know that while they were dining, Matt had 10 dozen roses placed in the trunk, and in the middle of all of those roses was a little, hand-made box.  The box read “Will you marry me?”  Amber doesn’t really know how many times she said yes, she lost count.  She just repeated it over and over.

Matt had also decorated a hotel room, filled to the brim with flowers, candles, and champagne.  And the icing on the cake?  The concert tickets weren’t just for the two of them, they were also for Amber’s closest girlfriends and their husbands, so they could share the happy occasion.

Amber and Matt, I am so honoured that you chose me to photograph your wedding.  I am looking forward to spending the day with you and your families!  Let the countdown begin!!